Roy Howie


University of MiamiMay 2018

B.S. Pure Mathematics and Computer Science

Work & Projects

Gables TutoringMay 2014 to June

Built on node.js and mongoDB, the platform serves over 1k users. With its online course registration and interactive tutoring session scheduler, the new website more than doubled yearly revenue. Features automatic monthly billing via a cron and the PayPal API and push notifications to tutors for scheduling changes.

BCPL Operating SystemSpring 2016"A" grade in CSC421royhowie/os

Wrote an operating system in BCPL, a predecessor to C. Implemented a fully recursive block-tree file system, low-level interrupts, and process timesharing using virtual memory.

Geomancer DigitizationNov 2014 to Nov 2015royhowie/geomancy

Research project with Prof. Ogihara to digitize the centuries-old "Book of Fate" from the UMiami Otto G. Richter Library Department of Special Collections.

PlebvoteAug 2014 to Nov

Live voting platform marketed to local high schools. Node.js, websockets, d3.js.

Freelance Software

Projects vary in intensity and requirements. Current project: a web campaign to fundraise for an art installation in the Virgin Islands.